Our Process


This is the first stage of the process when you bring a project to us. It is vital for us at SAPHI to understand your needs and clearly define what you wish to achieve. This stage involves SAPHI engineers collaborating with you to define the scope and specifications of your system. It ensures that we understand your development goals and begins a partnership of close collaboration that will continue throughout the entire project development.


This is the part of the process where SAPHI engineers will find a design to meet your project scope. We work out what software needs to be written and the hardware that needs to be utilised. In control system design, there is never one solution. We explore multiple options to ensure that our design exceeds your expectations. This stage of the process requires close collaboration with you to ensure that we develop a system that meets your project goals, timeline, and a comprehensive quote within your budget.


The design transforms from paper to parts during implementation. SAPHI engineers break down your project into its core components and begin constructing it piece by piece. Each component of the system is tested and signed off before starting the next. This ensures a functional product can be demonstrated or delivered during any phase of implementation.


All the core components come together during integration and rigorous testing takes place. If the system is required to work with specific hardware, then we will come to you and will install and test on-site. For us this is the most exciting part of the project - seeing your system come to life!


SAPHI engineers will provide ongoing support if your system requires maintenance. Not only that, but if the scope or requirements of your project change down the track, we can help you to further grow and develop your product. As technology advances SAPHI can ensure that your system remains up to date. We are here to help you avoid unexpected downtime.