Water Tank Level Sensor

The tank level monitoring system was designed to track the water level of various tanks for farmers.

The comprehensive system is a great example of SAPHI’s Ground-to-Cloud service offering. With our custom software, we can program sensors to collect data from the real world, communicate this data to the cloud and make it accessible via an intuitive user interface design that a user can access anywhere in the world. Enabling the user to have complete control of the system at all times and locations.

The Ground-to-Cloud solution provides a comprehensive data set to a user with an accuracy degree of 1 mm ensuring water health is closely protected. SAPHI implemented a SMART alarm system which included warning emails for water levels falling below configurable volumes, detection of a high rate of change, indicating leakage or open taps, and battery status warnings. Allowing the user to take quick action to protect their arguably most precious resource.

The design and implementation of the system required a broad range of technical skills including:

  • Low-level embedded code for reading sonar and temperature sensors that pushed information to a database
  • Database design and implementation so the sensor data could be accessed via the web front-end and individual sensors could be assigned to specific user accounts
  • API development so the devices could be configured from the web front end
  • Front end development of the smart farm user portal
  • Design of the solar battery system to ensure the system would run for at least 2 days without sunlight.